In last months new programs are born to compile school timetables on linux platforms. Here are the ones I know.

  • intime - interactive school timetabling
  • A program written from Joachim Wuttke, very similar to orario_elettronico for intention and screen design , but realized with completely different technology : uses C++ e Qt

  • Tablix
  • A high school timetable generator written in C. It uses a coarse-grained parallel genetic algorithm together with other algorithms to construct sensible timetables from XML formated school information file.

  • FET - Free Evolutionary Timetabling
  • Written in C++ with Qt, is aimed at automatization, using a genetic algorithm.

  • Scuola - Simple CoUrses OnLine Administration
  • Same technology as orario_elettronico: database mysql, php and server apache.

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    Last modified: Tue Oct 21 13:15:01 CEST 2003